Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions people ask us.

I Hold An EASA Licence, Can I Have My EASA Medical With You?

Yes. We are authorised to conduct initial and renewal EASA medicals for pilots and cabin crew for all EASA member states from 3 November 2022.

I Need An Initial Class 1. Do I Need A UK Or EASA Class 1?

Pilots wishing to fly commercially (aeroplane or helicopter) must have a class 1 medical. The very first one known as the Initial Class 1, can only be done at an Aeromedical Centre such as at Birmingham Airport.

If the pilot previously held a class 1 medical that has expired for 5 years or more, the pilot will need to book an initial class 1 medical appointment at an Aeromedical Centre.

Due to Brexit and since 1 Jan 2021 the UK is no longer a member of the European aviation regulator (EASA). This means the pilot needs to choose whether they are applying for UK Initial Class 1 or a European (EASA) Initial Class 1, or indeed both. It all depends on the pilot’s personal circumstances and the pilot should discuss their requirements with their flying school or operator.

I Need A Cabin Crew Medical. Do I Need An EASA One Or A UK CAA One?

You should check with your airline what they need generally speaking EASA cabin crew medicals are required by Ryanair and UK CAA medicals are required by airlines such as BA, Virgin, Jet2, TUI, EasyJet and Wizzair. However, this is likely to change in the very near future with some airlines changing their requirements. Please check with your airline.

Is a Cabin Crew Attestation the Same As Cabin Medical? And How Long Does An Appointment Take?

Yes, cabin crew attestation and medical mean the same thing. Appointments typically last no longer than 30mins.

Are Medical Certificates Issued On The Same Day?

Yes, medical certificates for all classes of medicals are generally issued on the same if the medical is passed.

If you previously had a UK class 1 medical certificate and had transferred your medical to an EASA member state before Brexit, then you can get a UK medical back on the basis of your most recent valid EASA medical. You will need to provide the UK CAA with copies of your medical certificates and associated ECGs, audiograms etc relating to all the medicals you have had since transferring from the UK CAA. You should ask the AMEs you have seen in this time for those records. If this is not possible, then an initial class 1 might be your best bet.

I Have A Pilot’s Medical Certificate That Was Issued On UK CAA Paper And It Says EASA (European Union) On The Certificate. Is This An EASA Medical?

No it is not, and it would not be recognised by the authorities as an EASA certificate. That medical certificate would have been issued before Brexit when the UK was an EASA member. All new certificates issued by the UK CAA after Brexit have the wording ‘European Union’ removed from them.

I Need A UK And An EASA Medical At The Same Time, Can You Do This?

Yes. From 3 November 2022, we can perform both a UK and an EASA medical for you at the same time. You will be required to complete 2 separate application forms. You can book a combined medical directly on the website or you can add a second medical on the day of your medical. CLICK HERE to book a medical.

My Class 1 Medical Certificate Has Expired For Some Time. Do I Need Another Initial Medical?

If your class 1 medical has expired for 5 years or more, then you require an initial medical. Otherwise, you only require a renewal if less than 5 years.

Check the expiry date on the medical certificate that says: “Class 1 other commercial operations.” If that date is 5 years or more old, then you require an initial class 1 medical, otherwise you require a renewal medical.

What Is The Difference Between Revalidation And Renewal?

Simply put, you Revalidate an EASA medical that is still valid and Renew one that has expired. As life is never that simple according to EASA regulations, a Revalidation medical is one performed within 45 days before it expires. A Renewal medical is any medical performed outside this window.

I Need A Medical But Cannot Find A Suitable Appointment Online Or I Cannot Find Any Appointments At All.

Some medicals are very much in high demand. If you cannot see any medical appointments, it means the slots have been fully taken. However, sometimes reserve short-notice slots or open up new ones (including same-day ones) that aren’t always publicly visible on the booking system. This is particularly true for Class 2 and cabin crew medicals which we can put up at relatively short-notice. Email us at and we will try and accommodate your requests wherever possible.

How Much Does A Medical Cost?

Please see our full fees schedule.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

We offer discount if combined medical is done. For example, a combined EASA and UK medical. You pay for the more expensive medical and the cheaper one is discounted.  Please refer to our full fees schedule. 

Do You Bill The Airline Or Company Directly?

No, you will have to pay for the medical and claim it back, if your airline or company reimburses for your medical.  We will give an invoice at the day of the medical.

I Paid For The Medical On The Website But I Didn’t Get A Receipt. Will You Give Me A Full Receipt?

Yes. You will receive a full VAT receipt to include any extras such as ECG or audiogram (if required) on the day of the medical.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Take?

We accept all usual forms of payment: credit and debit cards (including AMEX), cash or bank transfers. We do not take Cheques .

Do You Have Parking At Both Your Liverpool Site?

Yes, we have free parking.

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