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This Policy aims to ensure compliance with the GDPR Rules. The GDPR Rules sets out the following principles with which any party handling personal data must comply. All personal data must be:

a) Processed fairly and lawfully – it must be processed fairly and lawfully and it must be processed – in relation to you as the data subject – in a transparent manner

b) Processed for limited purposes and in an appropriate way – the purposes for which it is collected must be explicit, specified and legitimate

c) Adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose

d) Accurate – as well as being accurate it must be kept up to date with inaccurate data deleted

e) Not kept longer than necessary for the purpose

f) Processed in line with data subject’s rights

g) Security – there must appropriate technical or organisational measures to ensure appropriate security In addition, personal data must not be transferred outside the European Economic Area (the “EEA”) without adequate protection​