UK Class 2

UK Class 2 & LAPL medicals
We perform initial, revalidation and renewal UK Class 2 & LAPL medicals. If you have not attended our practice before, please bring your proof of Identification. We will not be able to proceed with the medical without proof of ID. Have your medical at our location 3 minutes drive from Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Our Class 2 Medicals are easy to book and are undertaken in a relaxed and friendly environment.

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What to bring with you?

When you arrive:

  • Urine tests (try to be able to give a sample on arrival)
  • Eye tests with and without any lenses that you use.
  • Full general medical examination (intimate examination necessary only if history dictates)- See our chaperone policy.
  • ECG if required or indicated
  • Audiogram if required (Class 2 for Instrument Ratings only)

UK Cabin Crew Medicals

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UK Cabin Crew Medicals
We perform UK cabin crew assessments . We offer weekend or evening appointments on request, we are conveniently located 3 minutes drive from Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
What to bring with you?

  • For Cabin Crew: Bring Photo ID such as your passport, Drivers Licence or ID
  • If you wear Glasses or Contact lens, please bring them along with a recent optometrist report or prescription.
  • Please, download and complete the Cabin crew medical assessment form.
  • See our Chaperone Policy.

D4 Medicals

Aeromedical examiner

D4 Medicals HGV, LGV, PCV, Taxi and Minibus
Competitively priced in a relaxed
atmosphere with weekend and evening appointments available on request. Completing a D4 medical is a straightforward process. Appointments of average last around 20 minutes and include the following:

   1. Visual acuity test
   2. Blood Pressure check
   3. Run through of your medical history ( You need to bring a print out of your GP Summary Notes which you can obtain from your own GP-NB We cant do your medical without this.)

What to bring with you?

  • Photo ID- passport, drivers license.
  • Glasses / contact lenses if worn & your most recent prescription from your optometrist.
  • Details of any medical conditions you have and list of medications you have been prescribed. You need to bring a print out of your GP summary of your notes, which can be obtained from your GP Surgery
  • A completed D4 medical examination report form. This can be downloaded from the DVLA website.
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